Slide Scanning

Kodachrome (and Paul Simon) might have brought us those “nice bright colors, but those “greens of summers” won’t last forever! Slide film fades over time and is easily susceptible to the elements, even in your basement. Don’t fret, Hite has got you covered! Bring in your old slides and have them digitally preserved. What you do with them after is up to you: upload them to Facebook, throw them in a digital frame, or send them to your grand kids to show them how cool you once were.
The possibilities are endless!

1000 DPI scans:

1st scan: $1.69

Additional scans: 69¢  each

Ideal for slideshows and photographs up to 5×7.

2000 DPI scans:

1st Scan: $1.99

Additional scans: 99¢ each

Higher quality scan for photographs up to 8×10.

Want to go bigger? Slides can be flatbed scanned up to 5700 DPI for large format printing.
$6.00 each
Slides can be brought in “loose” or in a carousel.
Want to keep them in order? No problem! Just ask when you drop them off!
Burned to CD – 5.99
Saved to flash drive – Included (single flash drive transfer)
Service time: 1-3 days
Would you like to make a slideshow?
 NEW! Another option that we offer is our as-is slide scanning.
Check out the flyer below to learn everything there is to know!