Photo Scanning

A picture is worth a thousand words, don’t let yours fade away! Hite offers photographic scanning up to 5700 DPI. Let us do the work. Bring in your boxes of pictures and we’ll digitize and store them on the digital media of your choice (hard drive, flash drive, memory card, CD or DVD).

Quick Scans

Ideal for loose photographs sized from 2.5×3.5 up to 8.5 x11 inches with no tape or glue. Images can be scanned at either 300 DPI (ideal for reproducing photos the same size) or 600 DPI (ideal for reproducing photos up to double the size). What is DPI?

As low as 29¢ per photo.

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Flat Bed Scans

Ideal for high quality scans (up to 5700 DPI), very small or very large photographs, or those too brittle or “stuck” in photo albums.

As low as 4.00 dollars per scan.

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Burned to a CD – 5.99

Saved to a flash drive – Included (Single flash drive transfer)

Service time: 1-3 days

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