Photo Restoration

Are your favorite pictures faded from years of exposure to sunlight? Not a problem. Did you spill coffee on your grandma’s priceless wedding photos? Don’t sweat it; we can help. Hite Photo specializes in photo restoration. Cracks, dents, tears, and stains are magically erased with the power of our Photoshop skills. Faded colors are restored to their original beauty from our tireless efforts while you enjoy a day at the spa, your mind at ease, knowing you have one less thing to worry about.

Photo Restoration

Because of the large variability in the damage of photos, the price will vary as well. The easiest way to determine how much yours will cost is to bring it in for an estimate, however, here are a few guidelines to give you an idea.

Simple ($10-20)

Fix any minor dust and scratches.

Auto color and brightness levels.

Light ($20-40)

Fix most scratches and small tears. Head swaps, replacement of simple background.

Detailed color and brightness adjustment.

Medium ($40-80)

Detailed restoration of cracks, dents, and stains. Fix major scratches and tears. Background replacement, head, arm, leg replacement.

Detailed color and brightness adjustment.

Heavy ($80+)

Full restoration of all damage to photograph. Repair extensive damage. Rebuild missing portions.


Service time: Varies with extensiveness of restoration. Come in for an accurate quote!