Hite Photo History

History1Hite Photo was founded by Howard Hite in Detroit, Michigan in 1924. It was a humble beginning with Mr. Hite processing film in his home and making deliveries on his bicycle. Howard was soon joined by his son, Don Hite to grow the family business. Since then, Hite Photo has become a leader in innovation and quality. It was the first in Michigan to process color film over-night, popularized by the slogan , it’s “Hite Overnight.” Hite Photo was also the first in Michigan to offer double “bonus prints,” process Kodachrome film and add dates to your photos. By it’s 50th anniversary, Hite Photo was one of the largest, most successful, photo-finishing businesses in the world. Hite continues today with Howard’s Grandsons, Tom and Don Jr., to provide the highest quality and the latest in cutting-edge photo printing technology.